my lifestyle

my lifestyle


new design for tea drinker

do you drink tea?

the forliage of tea must be the terrble thing when you are drinking it.
and it is so disgussting when it stike on your rips that it may ruin your good feeling about tea.
now there is tea bag to solue such question. but its  long tail sometime also may annoy us when we are enjoying tea.

so this thing may be the ture salvation...

medizine management

this may be my future company's logo=)
it can alarm when coming to the time point for medizine
heart-shape pill for heart disease.....

after 2 days, it will be the chinese new year, and as a culture, chinese people, to express obedience to parents, are used to send some tonic(a ususally drug given to improve health) to old aged parent. so today i, with my mother, went to see my grandparents. they re pretty good, but they still need to get a great number of medizine, and on this issue they always have some controversise. sometimes my grandpa take the medizine for my grandma, but old man is old man, he often fetch the wrong one and lead grandma to swallow the other kind of pill, that is not little thing. so some idea come up to my mind--medizine management for the old.

we need build up a system for aged people to manage their so much medizine.
to this topic, i think there re several sections 

1. the medizine's name is so tough to understand for the old. they sometime could not distinct them.
2. to take medizine usuallly should obey a timetable, that means you should take the medizine on a certain time, and it has its rations because in a day you must have a time that is most suitable for you to intake the medizine and in that time point the medizine could play the most effective function. unfortunitly, the old always miss the right time.


when library come across hotel

when i was a student, i was addicted to the library in my school. and i was dreaming that i can live in it for my life and i can finish all the books available there.
you re right, i am a library-oriented guy.

and suddenly an idea flash in my mind, that is why we can put library into hotel or put hotel into library, anyway i mean that why don't we build a library hotel.

then i google it (library hotel)
what a pity~ in this world there has already been a library hotel in the NY.

The Library Hotel is a 60-room boutique hotel in New York City, located at 299 Madison Avenue (at 41st Street), near the New York Public Library, Bryant Park, and Grand Central Terminal. The Hotel was designed by architect Stephen B. Jacobs.

The hotel boasts a unique organizing principle: each of its ten guest floors has a theme, designated after a major category of the Dewey Decimal Classification (the 5th floor, for example, is the 500s, the Sciences), with each room as a subcategory or genre, such as Mathematics (Room 500.001) or Botany (Room 500.004). (Dewey categories 000, 100, and 200 are placed on the 10th, 11th, and 12th floors, respectively.) Other room themes include Erotic Literature (Room 800.001), Poetry (Room 800.003), and Music (Room 700.005). All rooms have a small complement of books and decorations that accompany the theme, with 6000 books overall throughout the hotel.

Because of this classification scheme, the hotel owners were sued in 2003 by the OCLC (owners of the Dewey Decimal Classification system). OCLC reached an agreement with the hotel enabling the hotel to continue using the Dewey system. OCLC Press Release
Hotel Denouement from Lemony Snicket's The Penultimate Peril was modeled after the Library Hotel.

SST mode(suit+shirt+tie)

Are you a man?
Do you like wearing suit?

but sometimes the question how to match the suit-shirt-tie's color together can be very terrible for most of the males, now here is a solution to it from manaen's brain.

you can build up a SSTcolor match store in your own computer, and the procedure is followed:
1.draw a profile of a suit.
2.look around your life and search for some good example, then put it in you brain and when you come back your home, open the computer put the example's color in the profile and store it.
3.when you'd like to wear suit, you just pick out the examples you accumulated and choose what is the most suitable for the certain situation.


i am recovered 'cause i have seen the doctor

once on the street, i heart two men's talk:

A:how are you these days?  i hear about that you ve been ill.
B:yep~ but now i am much better.
B:cause i have seen the doctor.

what a simple answer, but from it we can see a phenomenon which commonly exists in the people's daily life. people are treated by doctor, but most of them do not know why the doctor use this medicine or why they must take the operation, and noly through these treatments they can be recovery, and some of them might not know what disease they had and even they know the name of their disease they still not very clearly why they felt pain, for example, a patient had a acute pancreatitis, and he even did not know where his pancrea is and what his pancrea look like after treatment.

maybe doctor is so busy in making the plan of therapy, so nurse can make the role of educator to teach the patient some simple, berief and easily-understood pathology of his disease. we(nurse) can make the hospital as the big school to help ordinary people familiar with medical knowledge, and our destination is that our patient who has been educated by us can be a disseminators of medical knowledge(MK), then the whole society's level of MK will be increased, it can make our residents more health and have a longer life.

portrait of lecturer+ppt=make you remember more

just like the topic, portrait of lecturer+ppt=make you remember more
college students are most likely to come across this kind of problems that in the end of semaster, the time of reviewing(and the students prefer to watch the powerpoint given by teachers to remember something on class which was held several months ago), a large ratio of students may forget the face of the teacher who are in charge with one of his class. this phenomenon may break the clue of memorization, and a lot useful detail would be missed by them.
so i suggest that every lecturers should put their portrait on the first page of ppt. this simple behavior may help the students to remember more and the detail delivered by lecturers if the students were concentrated on the class.