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learning in misunderstanding

In normal logical, most of us will think only if you have understood what you learn, you can utilize them. So understanding, or we say comprehension, is the most important thing in the teaching method, a lot of teachers and professors are concerned that memorization is just based on the understanding, not rote learning. However, on the other hand, maybe in some designal and innovational field, learning by misunderstand is probably a better way for who are designors to find a new thought and to creat a thing, but how you can learn something or even get a intuition from misunderstanding? Ok, let me tell you what i am thinking. that is a example which i was undergone, First i was looking at a picture, and some creative thoughts was come up into my mind, that moment i was not know the specific use of the device in the picture(because i didn't read the words below the picture). After reading the intruduction of the picture, i really astonished. Because the author's intentions of the device was extremly distinguished from mine, but the picture was stimulate my brain to link to something else, fortunately, the thoughts in my mind was even better than the auther's. So then i got a patent from a misunderstanding, that is my story. i think that still will be happen on you, so enjoy thinking. To one stuff, each person can have a very dependent thought which can lead to a obviously different idea of it, so that is creative.

After skull fracture

A skull fracture is a fracture or break in the cranial (skull) bones.
If it is not a simple skull fracture but a depressd skull fracture,
it need to have a skull operation.
And after the skull operation, a part of the skull (broken)-a fragment will be taken away,
and in a period of time, the repair surgery will be conducted.

Therefore, in the interval time, the patient have a whole in his skull.
that means a part of brain is contacting with external atmosphere just isolated by headskin

so i think a protector for skull fracture should be design.....