my lifestyle

my lifestyle


a type of mouse

this kind of mouse do not have to put it on the desk to move to control the arrow in the screen. it is griped in your hand, so your are free when you take it. 
in that picture, i miss drawing the rolling wheel which can turn the page up and drow, it should be in the middle of button.


make every playground as a power station

the stuff is a playground merry-go-round that uses the boundless engergy of children to make the electric power. the simple installation may catalyzed improvements in health, education, economic development and even gender equality. the goal of this installation is to make a green power, enhancing children's health and offering play equipment to million of children.


home visit (it can be launched in china.)

Helping You Care for the Seniors in Your Life

The Home Instead Senior Care family network of locally owned franchise offices was developed with a passionate desire to be your trusted home health care agency to help your family keep your aging mother, father, grandparents or friends in their home as they grow older.

Reading through our history, you will find a rapidly growing franchise network that began with the desire to serve the needs of one 100 year old grandmother of 55 grandchildren.

Today, thousands of relationships are formed daily through CAREGivers who provide home care help to clients and their families who desire assistance with activities that used to be simple. Tasks like grabbing a can of soup from the top shelf, opening the mail, reading a book, folding laundry, tying shoelaces or scrapbooking family history are not as easy as they used to be for many seniors.

No matter where a senior lives, in their home, in an assisted living facility or even a nursing home, Home Instead Senior Care is currently providing millions of hours of senior services annually through a network of 800 franchise offices throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, South Korea, Finland and Austria.

The world will soon have over one hundred million individuals over the age of 65, and Home Instead Senior Care desires to help many of those individuals by providing non-medical based, home health care services to those who desire it.

Foot Faucet - Automatic Faucet

old methods

how does it work?
Our foot operated faucet system installs on any new or existing sink that has standard plumbing connections. The foot pedals fit in the toe space under the sink cabinet and use power from the garbage disposal outlet or dishwasher outlet. The Control Box has an outlet where your existing garbage disposal cord plugs in. Foot Faucet valves are installed between the water shutoffs and your existing faucet.  The AC wall adapter regulates power down to low voltage DC current for safe use at the foot pedals. The regular AC plug still runs the garbage disposal, but this power is isolated from the foot pedals, so risk of electric shock is removed.

can we use it in the surgery room?
there should be a aspetic evironment in the surgery room, so washing hands is very important, and we don't hope to pollute our hands because of turnning off the faucet. so that is a question, nowaday we use our arm to turn off it, but there is still a risk of contaminating your hands.


an revolution for toothbrush

i want to chenge the original concept of tooth brushing, you know how you gain the decayed tooth? problely most of do not know the process. calculus sticks on the tooth.
2.bacteria starts to growing on the enamel of the tooth.
3.bacteria makes acid to destroy the tooth
4.decayed tooth is generated.

So the most important thing we should do is very obvious, it is to avoid the enamel. the frequent washing your tooth is most effective way to avoid the enamel. and we should encourage the public to brush their tooth when they felt there are some enamel on their tooth and make it as a habit like when they saw or felt their hands dirty, they would go to washing room to wash their hands. the plan i create is making the brushing tooth as easy as  washing hands. it is like this...(just like the picture), the brush can be carry with you anywhere, and in the future all the water pool will have a tube especially for the toothbrush you carried. and the flowing water is the best way to clean your tooth compared with the traditional way. so this frequent and effective way must be the best way for you to avoid the decayed tooth.