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Infusion Floating Ball (breif version)

1. infusion pump: An infusion pump infuses fluids, medication or nutrients into a patient's circulatory system. It is generally used intravenously, although subcutaneous, arterial and epidural infusions are occasionally used.
Infusion pumps can administer fluids in ways that would be impractically expensive or unreliable if performed manually by nursing staff. For example, they can administer as little as 0.1 mL per hour injections (too small for a drip), injections every minute, injections with repeated boluses requested by the patient, up to maximum number per hour (e.g. in patient-controlled analgesia), or fluids whose volumes vary by the time of day.
2. infusion alarming device: The present invention relates to a liquid level detector and alarm device for installation in the bottle of a drip infusion set to detect the liquid level, and to give an audio alarm when the liquid level drops below a predetermined value.
When a drip infusion set is used for the introduction of a saline or other solution into a vein to treat the patient, the nurse must frequently review the liquid level of the solution so that the infusion can be stopped before the solution is fully consumed. In case the infusion is not stopped when the solution is fully consumed, a reverse flow of blood or the introduction of air into the vein may occur. There are known various monitoring apparatus for automatically monitoring drip infusion. These monitoring apparatus give an audio alarm signal when detect no drips of solution within a predetermined length of time. However, these monitoring apparatus are commonly heavy and expensive.

Why I made this device?
• release patients’ pressure
• Reduce nurses’ workload 

What is it ? 
Two hollow balls are put separately in the fluid bag and Murphy’s dropper, one is for reminding the volume and the other is for ceasing the infusion when the infusion liquid is nearly finished.

1.Ball(in fluid bag)
2(4).Ball(in Murphy’s dropper)
3.Ball groove
6.Flow control cap

Ball (in fluid bag)
It is a fluor and colored hollow ball which is used for reminding the residual volume of the fluid, especially for the patients’ night observation. 
Ball (in Murphy’s dropper)
It is a transparent hollow ball which is used for ceasing the process of infusion. 
Ball groove
It is used to fix the transparent ball in the Murphy’s dropper in order to cease the infusion
That is a very simple physical problem.
Flow control cap
Sometimes, when patients moved his or her body, the flow control would be shifted, so that the flowing speed would be changed, and that might make some emergency condition on the patients

What is the advantage of it? 
• Innovative idea
• Lower cost
• practicability