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learning by doing

There is really only one way to learn how to do something and that is to do it. If you want to learn to throw a football, drive a car, build a mousetrap, design a building, cook a stir-fry, or be a management consultant, you must have a go at doing it. Throughout history, youths have been apprenticed to masters in order to learn a trade. We understand that learning a skill means eventually trying your hand at the skill. When there is no real harm in simply trying we allow novices to "give it a shot."

Parents usually teach children in this way. They don't give a series of lectures to their children to prepare them to walk, talk, climb, run, play a game, or learn how to behave. They just let their children do these things. We hand a child a ball to teach him to throw. If he throws poorly, he simply tries again. Parents tolerate sitting in the passenger seat while their teenager tries out the driver's seat for the first time. It's nerve-wracking, but parents put up with it, because they know there's no better way.

When it comes to school, however, instead of allowing students to learn by doing, we create courses of instruction that tell students about the theory of the task without concentrating on the doing of the task. It's not easy to see how to apply apprenticeship to mass education. So in its place, we lecture.

There are better alternatives to teaching people of all ages new things. Here are three efforts headed by Roger Schank that are all based on the learn by doing approach.

i agree with her

I believe that I guide my students, I also believe that they guide me through the observations and perspectives they bring to class.    The term "guidance" best describes my philosophy of teaching.

I am a beliver in problem solving and learning by doing specially when it comes to any practical subjects.

Both problem solving and learning by doing are best practiced through integrated projects and guided practice.

——by a foreign teacher



SO when talk about this topic, i always have a lot to say... 
i am a forgetful guy and put things in some strange places, for example i put my book in my drawer for clothes, so no matter how hard i will never find  my book in my book shelf or backpeck.
how to deal with this problem?
every time you lost something, and you found it, like before, it ended and you came back to your normal life. then you lost it again(here "lost" means you forget where you put something), you still had to cost a lot of time in looking for your stuff. But now everything will change by my opinion, i think the behavior, you put something in somewhere you could't remember, is a subsciousness, and samply speaking it calls habbits. we could use the statistic method to work out this kind of prob, i mean everytime after you finding the stuff you lost, what you do is just take a pen and  a booklet to write down where you find it, every month(the interval  time depends on the frequency of losing things)you should make a breif sumerization, every 3 month you should make a media one, and when it come to a year you will see the annual top places where you put things and then you forget... and you can put it on internet and be illustrated with some pictures.