my lifestyle

my lifestyle


i am recovered 'cause i have seen the doctor

once on the street, i heart two men's talk:

A:how are you these days?  i hear about that you ve been ill.
B:yep~ but now i am much better.
B:cause i have seen the doctor.

what a simple answer, but from it we can see a phenomenon which commonly exists in the people's daily life. people are treated by doctor, but most of them do not know why the doctor use this medicine or why they must take the operation, and noly through these treatments they can be recovery, and some of them might not know what disease they had and even they know the name of their disease they still not very clearly why they felt pain, for example, a patient had a acute pancreatitis, and he even did not know where his pancrea is and what his pancrea look like after treatment.

maybe doctor is so busy in making the plan of therapy, so nurse can make the role of educator to teach the patient some simple, berief and easily-understood pathology of his disease. we(nurse) can make the hospital as the big school to help ordinary people familiar with medical knowledge, and our destination is that our patient who has been educated by us can be a disseminators of medical knowledge(MK), then the whole society's level of MK will be increased, it can make our residents more health and have a longer life.