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a protection for your ipod headphone

One of the most aweful things in my life is that the headphone for my ipod always broke down within two months, then i have to change it with a new one which will cost me about $US50, that is a quite huge number of money for a college student to buy a headphone.

However, Manaen is Manaen, there's always some ideas coming up in his mind at a right time.
So do you know uterus in women's abdomen, and when a woman is pregant, a great and magic change will happen in the uterus, maybe in one month a amniotic cavity,which is a cavity protecting the infant from being impacted by something external, will be built in it. But how does it work? the work by God's hand is that the whole cavity which is insulated from outside filled with water in which the infant is living within about 40 months. That is such effective protective system which to a large extent give an infant a security guarantee.

just like the amniotic cavity, i used a sealable fresh-keeping bag to charge my ipod with its headphone, and the most important thing i want to point out is when you make this protective system, you should keep some air in the bag before sealing. that is just like the water, more precise that is amniotic fluid. they share the identical function