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medizine management

this may be my future company's logo=)
it can alarm when coming to the time point for medizine
heart-shape pill for heart disease.....

after 2 days, it will be the chinese new year, and as a culture, chinese people, to express obedience to parents, are used to send some tonic(a ususally drug given to improve health) to old aged parent. so today i, with my mother, went to see my grandparents. they re pretty good, but they still need to get a great number of medizine, and on this issue they always have some controversise. sometimes my grandpa take the medizine for my grandma, but old man is old man, he often fetch the wrong one and lead grandma to swallow the other kind of pill, that is not little thing. so some idea come up to my mind--medizine management for the old.

we need build up a system for aged people to manage their so much medizine.
to this topic, i think there re several sections 

1. the medizine's name is so tough to understand for the old. they sometime could not distinct them.
2. to take medizine usuallly should obey a timetable, that means you should take the medizine on a certain time, and it has its rations because in a day you must have a time that is most suitable for you to intake the medizine and in that time point the medizine could play the most effective function. unfortunitly, the old always miss the right time.