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Foot Faucet - Automatic Faucet

old methods

how does it work?
Our foot operated faucet system installs on any new or existing sink that has standard plumbing connections. The foot pedals fit in the toe space under the sink cabinet and use power from the garbage disposal outlet or dishwasher outlet. The Control Box has an outlet where your existing garbage disposal cord plugs in. Foot Faucet valves are installed between the water shutoffs and your existing faucet.  The AC wall adapter regulates power down to low voltage DC current for safe use at the foot pedals. The regular AC plug still runs the garbage disposal, but this power is isolated from the foot pedals, so risk of electric shock is removed.

can we use it in the surgery room?
there should be a aspetic evironment in the surgery room, so washing hands is very important, and we don't hope to pollute our hands because of turnning off the faucet. so that is a question, nowaday we use our arm to turn off it, but there is still a risk of contaminating your hands.